About us

The Rounded Story

Rounded started life when two of our founding members decided that they would dedicate 2017 to learning as many new Skills as possible. We wrote a list of skills we wanted to teach ourselves and… to put it bluntly, learning a new skill at home can be overwhelming! Getting started requires researching tools, techniques and materials, making big purchases before you even know whether you’ll like the skill you’re learning! Once we had our equipment, we found online tutorials and guides patchy, often assuming that we were already an expert. Videos were difficult to follow and we found that the best crafters often aren’t the best filmographers, with poorly shot videos and missing details making the early days a real struggle.

We’d always been keen learners and have cultivated some great relationships with teachers and crafters over the years. We decided to step out and seek the advice of experts and we haven’t looked back! From calligraphy to breakdancing and everything in between, we were constantly surprised by how much a total beginner could accomplish with the right tools and the right tuition. We came away from every meeting excited to learn more and we wondered why learning at home couldn’t be just as fulfilling!

Rounded is our way to take the pain away from learning a new skill at home. We like to think of each month as a little expert in a box. Giving you everything you need to get started and careful, expert tuition to help you produce something of real quality and give you a foundational understanding of a skill. With detailed resources and a full set of recommendations for furthering your skills each Rounded Box should feel like the beginning of a journey towards mastering a new skill.